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You own your home, why not own your electricity? 

Providing solar installation for residential homes and commercial businesses. We serve:

  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Florida


Call P.J. Gomez at 520 490-4118 or email to see if generating your own clean, affordable energy is right for you and your property!

How It Works

Qualifying Call

Let’s see if solar is right for you!

Solar Consultation

Meet with our solar engineers.

Sign & Review

Sign paperwork & review design.

Installation & Savings

Single day installation to start saving money.

Made in the USA

Our solar panels are made in the USA.

What type of financing do you qualify for?

We used P.J. Gomez with Solar Mastermind.  He’s a great guy and wasn’t pushy at all. Asked a ton of questions and we got every question answered thoroughly. I would definitely recommend them. They’re customer service is spectacular, they keep you in the loop through the process, and their install team was on time, polite, and accommodating to my baby’s nap times… we purchased the solar (financed) and did NOT lease it.
They have the highest quality system in the industry. The panels and inverter are German engineered and made in the USA. The whole system comes with a 25 year warranty and a 25 year workmanship warranty on your roof
Our panels are in 3 sections of our roof… 4 SOUTHEAST, 18 SOUTHWEST, & 6 WEST mainly because the sunrises  on the east (front of our house) and then is setting on the west side of our house(backyard) essentially we get the majority of our sun in our backyard from 11am-7pm.
Eunice Solberg

Happy Customer

“Thank you, PJ.  You’re one of the most friendly, yet professional, individuals with which I’ve had the pleasure of dealing.  Your attention to detail and hard work ethic are above your peers in the industry.  With large-scale projects like this, sometimes things do go awry; however, it’s such a comfort knowing that you are our advocate and are looking out for our best interests every step of the way.  Knowing that you ensure everything will be made right has made the project of producing our own electricity a comfortable process.  Keep up the great work.  And thank you again for all you’ve done for us!”

Happy Customer

Get your power from the sun

Solar energy is by far the most plentiful resource our planet has – the amount of energy that reaches us from the sun surpasses the volume from all other sources including wind, geothermal, coal, and natural gas. For homeowners and business owners, transitioning to solar energy becomes a smart investment. You are reducing dependence on fossil fuels, but you could also save money in the short-term and long-term.

So why should YOU go solar?

  • Save money on your electric bills. It’s proven time and time again that solar panels for a home or commercial property can reduce the cost of your energy bills.
  • Energy Independence. Lock in your electric power rate for 20 or more years. Protect yourself from rising energy costs.
  • A solar energy system may increase the value of your home or property. 
  • Solar can heat or cool your home, as well as power your hot water heater. Ask us how.
  • Systems can be installed on the roof or ground. Property owners have the opportunity to take advantage of the property’s full potential with rooftop or ground-mounted solar arrays.


Homeowners can see savings up to 20% or more with $0 down.

Solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years and can last much longer


Can increase your home’s value up to 4% according to Zillow


Lower your carbon emissions by 80%



While many solar energy companies will recommend installing as many solar panels on your roof as possible, our approach is quite different. By first reducing your energy waste through efficiency measures, we can maximize the value of your solar investment. This is the finest renewable energy!

We have identified the highest value energy efficiency solutions that will help you save more on your utility bills and increase comfort.



Once you have optimized the efficiency in your home by reducing waste, the next step is to produce your own clean energy from the sun. Going solar can protect you against rising electricity costs and give you energy independence.

Easy Steps to Start Saving

Step 1

Talk to an energy expert.
Answer a few simple questions, and our consultants can determine if your home is right for solar. We offer a Free Quote!

Step 2

Design and installation of your system.
Our engineers and technicians review the specifics of your solar panel system with or without battery storage and come up with an optimal design. Once approved, we install the system in its entirety.

Step 3

Inspection of the installation.
Your local city will do a final inspection, which our team will coordinate. With this step approved, your system is almost ready.

Step 4

Connect to the grid.
Your system is turned on and begins generating electricity! Sit back and enjoy your long-term savings and investment!

We are the leading solar installation experts

Icon Solar Mastermind handles all aspects of your solar module installation. We take pride in our work and know that it will stand the test of time.

Solar is what we do and what we excel at.

We are committed to ensuring every one of our customers are elated with their decision to go solar.

Your Regional Sales Manager is P.J. Gomez

Corporate Office
525 W Baseline Rd
Mesa, AZ 85210
with locations in Sahuarita & Tucson

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